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Electric Go Karting Perth
Rock up n’ Race
Welcome to Perth's premier electric go karting experience.

Challenge your friends on our brand new two level indoor race track with the raw acceleration of electric go karts.


Rally Pro Glenn MacNeall introduces POWERPLAY, his one-of-a-kind 2 level electric karting experience exclusive to Perth.

Get behind the wheel of our innovative 100% electric karts and experience the instant power, without the noise or smell of their older fuel-based siblings!


Keep the competition hot and heavy off the racetrack with some arcade game action in the Entertainment Lounge.


With kart speed completely controllable by staff, we are uniquely equipped to keep you safe.

Kid's Go Karting Birthday Party Ideas in Perth
Rock up n’ Race
Kick off celebrations by hosting go Kart themed birthdays and parties.
Corporate Go Karting Functions Ideas in Perth
Rock up n’ Race
bring the fun of indoor go kart racing to workplace functions and events.
Go Kart Safety at Powerplay Perth
Rock up n’ Race
We’ve considered all aspects of go kart and track safety at POWERPLAY to ensure you can focus on the fun.
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Rock up n’ Race
Race our high speed electric karts on the ultimate 2-level racetrack