FAQs on Electric Go Karting at PowerPlay Perth


Can Adults & Kids race together?

Yes, if they are from the same family. We avoid placing general adults with juniors during race pairings as adult races often reach higher speeds than junior races. When families race together juniors will do 15 laps and adults will do 18.

My son/daughter is under 10 and/or under the minimum height required of 140cm - can they race?

Whilst PowerPlay is all about FUN, SAFETY is our number one priority. As such we have a strict age policy designed to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately anyone under the minimum height requirement of 140cm won't be able to race. We only have single seat Go Karts at PowerPlay so they cannot ride as a passenger.

Although everyone matures at different levels and we know your child may be the next Formula One star we have to draw the line somewhere, as such 10 year old is the minimum age to race at PowerPlay. The only time there is an exception to this rule is if your child has a valid Go Kart, Motorbike or Speedway club racing license and meets the minimum height requirement.


How long does the Race Session last?

Each session lasts for approximately 20 minutes, generally you will spend the first 10 minutes watching the safety video, getting expert tuition from our staff, getting your helmet on and belted into the karts then roughly 10 minutes on track. Your time on track obviously depends on how fast you complete your laps. You need to arrive at PowerPlay 20 minutes prior to the start of your session to complete the registration process.

I didn’t drive the full number of laps

Once the leading racer has completed the allocated laps the scoreboard will count one additional lap for all other racers. As such some racers laps may not appear on the scoreboard. We make every effort to ensure that everyone completes their laps but there is a maximum time limit on track for any one race is 15 minutes. This is to ensure we don't impact other guest's experience at PowerPlay.

How do I get my race results?

When you register on our touch-screens, you are asked to check a tick-box to receive emails. This must be ticked, in order to receive your race results. If you still don’t receive the results, ask our team members and they may be able to assist you by accessing your results on screen - from which you can take a photograph of it.


How fast do the karts go?

Great question! The answer isn’t simple however. It isn’t the top speed that is important so much as the amount of power that they have. With our Electric Karts you gain instant responsiveness and power, which translates to greater control over kart speed and acceleration as soon as you press the throttle pedal.

The karts have enough power to do a drift and a donut if you spin out. They could go 70km/h but they won’t go that fast around our track.

Have to Brake

Our karts are fast and on the PowerPlay track you will need to use the brakes. To get the fastest lap time, you'll actually need to brake longer and harder than you might initially think.

Speed Control / Safety Control

For safety, we can control the speeds of the karts with a central controller. When there is an incident on track we slow karts down so our Track Attendant can safely enter the track. Unfortunately the race will keep stopping if people spin out.

How long is the track

The track is around 200m long and more importantly it's wide (generally 5.5m to 6m) which provides room for resourceful drivers to drift and pass others. PowerPlay has the only two-level track in Perth so it's pretty unique and cool.

Rubbing is Racing but don't deliberately ram other drivers

We don't mind a bit of rubbing as you try to pass each other, but the karts aren't bumper cars. We want to keep everyone safe so deliberately ramming others won't be tolerated.


Do I need to Book?

If you have a date and time in mind, it’s always best to make a booking - especially on weekend and school holidays. You can check availability and book online, we have designed our own booking system to make it a very simple and easy process.

Is PowerPlay a Franchise

This is the first pilot store, with other PowerPlay’s currently in planning for other states across Australia.

How was PowerPlay created?

We spent 4 years studying the market to understand the industry and have used our 25 years competing in International motorsport to create something truly unique and fun.

What is the PowerPlay concept about?

It’s all about competitive fun and bragging rights. It’s about friendly rivalry with your mates, family or work colleagues. We are not technically a racing centre, despite our racing background - but we’re all about FUN and having a great time!

Do you have a Brochure?

We have fliers in-store but all of our information is contained on our website here.


Phone Number

08 6365 5094


136 Winton Road, Joondalup 6027. Exit off the freeway at Shenton Avenue and we are on the northern end of Winton Road (which is a loop road).

Opening Hours

PowerPlay is open from 10am to 9pm, 7 days a week. The first race is at 10:20am and the last race is generally at 8:40pm.

Join our competitive events to test your skills and jostle for some truly sweet prizes!


Never again be left in the proverbial dust, as you enjoy an eco-friendly racing experience without any of the exhaust fumes that come with older, fuel based systems.

Rock up n’ Race
Race our high speed electric karts on the ultimate 2-level racetrack